Tech Talk: Honda Pioneer i-4WD (w/ Video)

Ever since inventing the category in 1970 with the launch of the ATC90 three-wheeler, Honda has led the way with new innovations. Even with more than forty-eight years of history, though, the latest new feature to reach Honda off-roaders is really exciting. Meet i-4WD.

By using a combination of electronic braking and torque vectoring, the new Honda i-4WD system can direct engine torque to the tires (or tire) with grip, and prevent the other tires from slinging mud and sand and digging themselves into a deeper mess. Compared to more basic, locking axle 4WD systems, it delivers a tremendous improvement.

You can find out more about Honda’s unique i-4WD– available only on the Pioneer 1000 Deluxe LE– in this video, below. Check it out, then let us know what you think of i-4WD in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Honda Pioneer 1000 LE | i-4WD Features and Benefits

Source | Images: Honda Motorcycles & ATVs.


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